We care for your Computer Network
So you can care for your Patients

Over more than 10 years, businesses of all kinds and sizes have trusted us with supporting and managing their IT environment.

We have developed special knowledge and experience particularly with healthcare providers.

healthcare-professionalsRegulatory compliance, high availability and inter-office connectivity are key issues in a practice’s technology environment. These professionals can’t afford to waste time dealing with technology issues, these need to be addressed fast and effectively. Preferably they should be avoided if at all possible.

The proactive approach of ContinuIT fits perfectly in this environment. We know that the speed at which problems are acknowledged and worked out means more patients can be taken care of efficiently.

The geographic distribution of a healthcare provider’s environment is also a concern. Local and remote offices connected together require constant access to resources, regardless of location.

Electronics record management applications are often the biggest issue. Practices need a technology that is always available, so they can access patients’ records promptly and security. And if the application fails, doctors and their staff need someone on their side who is capable of interacting with their software company at a technical level.


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